About the Divas

Welcome to a world where beauty, power, and magic converge to celebrate the strength of Black women. Introducing the "Divas by BLAQ" and "Delta Divas by BLAQ" collections, curated by Artavia B. Berry and Joy V. Mitchell.

In these artworks, every stroke of the brush, every pixel, and every algorithmically-generated masterpiece is an ode to the indomitable spirit of Black women. These are tributes to the ultimate queens who have left an indelible mark on the world with their strength, courage, and grace.

Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and moved by the empowering narratives woven into every stroke of these art pieces. Join us on this journey of celebrating Black women while supporting a worthy cause. Together, we can make a difference and honor the legacy of those who've shaped our world.

Welcome to the Divas experience!


Each piece within our collection is a beautiful spectacle, methodically born from the randomization of over 200 distinctive features using 13 trait categories. It's a symphony of innovation, a celebration of individuality, and an homage to the diversity of our shared human experience.

See our stunning trait categories below:


We cherish the unique hairstyles we have as Black women. From regal afros to intricate braids, our art pays homage to the richness of Black cultural identity. Each hairstyle tells a story and celebrates individuality.

Skin Tones

From deep melanin to warm golden hues, we embrace the wide spectrum of Black skin. We have also included some afro-futuristic skin tones that promise to stretch the imagination.

Handheld Items

In each artwork, we celebrate the stories told by the items we carry with us. From teddy bears to sledge hammers to diplomas, we embrace the variation of our day-to-day experiences.


OK, we all know Black women dress to impress. Our clothing tells a story about who we are in the world and the journey we took to get there. From workout clothes to astronaut suits, Black women do it all.


In each artwork, the background sets the stage for our unique narratives. From reminders of surviving slavery to the planets in our solar system, it's a glimpse into the world that shapes our experiences.


Wrist Wear


Face Art





Moreover, we've infused this collection with super rare art pieces, where specific distinctive features and custom art have been meticulously blended to create unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Each artwork is a story in itself, reflecting the extraordinary qualities and history of the divas they honor.

We Provide Support to BeSpeak Spirit

BeSpeak Spirit is a non-profit organization connecting and empowering African and African-American youth. They currently serve the Seribadiambougou village in the Bougouni region of Mali, Africa with support for water pumps, school supplies for the village school and a medical clinic. All projects are requested, supported and maintained by Malian youth and elders in the village. Find the current projects we support below. ​

Medical Supplies

Sustainable Food

Annual School Supplies

Business Start-Up Fund

In the United States, BeSpeak Spirit has 3 initiatives: an Ancestry + Identity Leadership program, the Rite of Passage Homeland Journey, and Black History curriculum developed in partnership with Blaqmoji.

Ancestry + Identity Leadership

Rite of Passage Homeland Journey

Black History Curriculum

Supporters Get

Upon purchase, supporters of the Divas by BLAQ and Delta Divas by BLAQ Art Collections receive a randomly selected, one of a kind artwork. It's digital nature has allowed the BLAQ team to provide additional benefits to supporters.

Homeland Journey

Acknowledgement as a supporter of BeSpeak Spirit, including the opportunity for paid travel on a Homeland Journey to Africa for randomly selected supporters.

One of a Kind Art

A unique, one of a kind randomly selected artwork. Ideal for creating canvas displays for use in home/offices and for use across digital platforms.

Full Commercial Ownership

Full commercial ownership of your Divas by BLAQ artwork, Commercial ownership means you can monetize your artwork!

"Divas" Merch Access

Exclusive access to "Divas" merch. We will design and brand "Divas by BLAQ" and "Delta Divas by BLAQ" merch for purchase.

"Who ARE We?" E-book

A digital copy of "Who ARE We?" by Artavia B. Berry & Joy V. Mitchell. "Who ARE We?" is a book about the Divine 9 dedicated to Black and Brown youth.

Discounted BLAQ Shop Merch

Automatic discounts on BLAQ Shop merch. The BLAQ Shop e-commerce store primarily sells authentic and culturally relevant tech accessories.

On the List

A prime spot on the list for future BLAQ art projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are making history together by respectfully elevating the stories and beauty of Black women with this unique collection. Once the collection is sold out, no other pieces will be added or available for sale.

Don’t miss this chance to be on the cutting edge while pouring resources into our community!

Divas by BLAQ is a collection of algorithmically generated “Divas” designed by the BLAQ Team. They are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The 1st generation of 10,000 Divas by BLAQ was designed from various backgrounds, hairstyles, skin tones, eyebrows, face art, eyes, lips, earrings, necklaces, outfits, pendants, wrist wear, and items in hand.

The 1st generation of 3,000 Delta Divas by BLAQ are trademarked with at least one Delta Sigma Theta trait and was designed from various backgrounds, hairstyles, skin tones, eyebrows, face art, eyes, lips, earrings, necklaces, outfits, pendants, wrist wear, and items in hand. 

Delta Divas by BLAQ is a collection of algorithmically generated “Divas” designed by the BLAQ Team. They are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each piece of art costs .05 ETH. Google the price of Ether (ETH) and multiply by .05 to determine the cash amount.

You can purchase using a credit card, debit card, or using an Ethereum wallet.

While we do not charge tax on the artwork, you will have to pay a gas fee. A gas fee is a transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain.

Besides bragging rights?! The chance for paid travel for a homeland journey to Africa, one of a kind art, full commercial ownership, “Divas” merch access, “Who ARE We?” e-book, discounted BLAQ Shop merch, and on the list for future projects.

Contact us at info@blaqmoji.com for more info.

Contact us at info@blaqmoji.com for more info and/or visit the Partnerships page.

Yes. This project was created by Blaqmoji LLC which is a certified licensed vendor of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Digital art means technology was used in the creation of this collection. We began with a hand drawn sketch and each feature was created by a graphic artist. We used a generative process to combine the features to create one of a kind artworks. 

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which means that it’s a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. NFTs are an ownership record. They can function as digital art, music, videos, etc. They can also offer benefits like exclusive access to discounts, event tickets, special merch, etc. 

1st generation Divas by BLAQ NFTs are unique pieces of digital art that also work as a “members-only” card to provide access to the supporter benefits as described above.

Blockchain is like a digital ledger or notebook that records transactions. It’s special, because once data is recorded, it can’t be changed or tampered with. Also, instead of being kept in one place, it’s distributed across many computers worldwide, making it more secure and transparent.

In this case it’s not for your breath. So the real question is how do I mint. Minting an NFT means to record a digital asset on the blockchain. It guarantees your ownership of that unique digital asset.

Platform: OpenSea

Blockchain: Ethereum

Public Sale: .05 ETH

Public Sale Mint Maximum: 10 per address

This digital art project uses blockchain technology to provide the many benefits you receive as an owner.

Just like stock prices go up and down each day, so does the price of ETH. The cost of a Diva artwork is .05 ETH. You may Google the price of ETH  just like stocks. 

ETH is short for Ether which is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain.

Digital money. Just like we have physical money (i.e. US Dollar, Mexican Peso, European Euro, etc.) there are many different forms of digital money. The largest, most stable, and widely accepted cryptocurrencies aka digital money are Bitcoin and Ether (ETH).

Such a tricky question! At the moment, the SEC appears to be trying to establish regulatory authority over cryptocurrency. BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset management firms, has filed for SEC approval for an exchange traded Ethereum fund. They anticipate approval in 2024, which appears likely.


Artavia B. Berry (Lambda, Spring '96) and Joy V. Mitchell (Hayward-Tri-City Alumnae Chapter, Spring '23) are proud members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Both are on a mission to amplify the stories of Black women – the unsung heroines who have shaped history, broken barriers, and exemplified unbreakable resilience.

Artavia B. Berry

Artavia B. Berry

CEO | Founder
 Joy V. Mitchell

Joy V. Mitchell

CSOO | Founder

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